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Sirry Berndsen - Psychic Medium

Sirry Berndsen 

Certified Spirit Medium

By Forever Family Foundation

and Swampscott Church of Spiritualism

        Sirrý has been blessed with the gift of mediumship throughout her life. Since childhood, she has recognized her remarkable clairvoyance, the premonitions and vivid dreams, which foretold visions of the future. In time, she came to embrace her unique abilities, and use the gift to heal and comfort those who had lost loved ones through the power of mediumship.

        Prior to entering the world of communicating with spirit, Sirrý trained and studied intensively as an artist, earning her masters in visual art. Her keen eye and creative sensitivity, developed through years of dedicated study, inform her distinct visual accuracy in mediumship.

She holds a dual degree MFA from Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as BFA degree from AKI and Royal College of Fine Arts in The Netherlands, and Associates degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, from The University of Iceland.

Her extensive study of Mediumship, Consciousness and Meditation includes among few, the well renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies, in United Kingdom, as well as Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

        She's lived all around the world, in Europe, Middle East and USA and speaks several different languages. She understands the fluidity and complexity of many different cultures. A gift she uses frequently in her mediumship.

        Since harnessing her gift, Sirrý has dedicated her life to achieving excellence in mediumship. She has utilized every opportunity to master how to truly use the tool of communication with Spirits. 

        Sirrý is a positive spirit, filled with light. She believes in miracles, because she sees them happening each day, all around her and every one of us.

        Sirrý is a Boston MA based Intuitive & Medium, she is  also a Reiki Master.

Sirry is a Certified Medium with the Forever Family Foundation in New York, since 2011

Forever Family Foundation was established in 2004 and their goal is to establish a connection with people dealing with grief and loss with mediums who have been tested and who have  proven beyond reasonable doubt that their loved ones are with them. 

Forever Family Foundation - Mission Statement

*To establish the existence of the continuity of the family, even though a member has left the physical world
*To stimulate thought among the curious, those questioning their relationship to the universe, and people who are looking for explanations of certain phenomena
*To financially support the continued research into survival of consciousness and Afterlife Science
*To provide a forum where individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one can turn for support, information, and hope through state-of-the-art information and services provided by ongoing research into the survival of consciousness and Afterlife Science

Sirrý has studied with, attended classes and/or workshops with the following prominent teachers in the United States and United Kingdom

Sacred Soul Stories

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