Ask the Medium is a reflection on questions I receive frequently. It is not scientific, only based on experience. It is unbiased and not influenced by any religious doctrine. It is meant to educate and assist people, with questions about life after death.


Avoiding Fraudulent Psychics!!

  1. Where is the afterlife? Heaven, Jannah, Shamayim, स्वर्ग, 天堂   -   In my experience, Heaven or Afterlife as I prefer to call it, is all around us. It is not far away in another galaxy, it is not separated from us. It includes all beings and it is a place of pure love, and no judgement.
  2. Do bad people go to Heaven?   -   Yes, they do as they are brought to a place of intense teaching, a place where they are given a chance to reflect on what they've done. They are able to join in, with others in the afterlife once the lessons are understood.
  3. Is there hell?   -   No, in my experience there is only heaven or afterlife where we all go.
  4. Do people who take their own life go to Heaven?   -   Yes, absolutely as the Universal God energy is an all loving energy and in my experience as a medium, those that decide to end their own lives, have suffered greatly and this is often their cry out for love. Once they enter Heaven, my experience is that they are surrounded by their family, that has gone there before them. They truly are loved.
  5. Do people who decide to end their own lives through Assisted Suicide go to Heaven?   -   In my experience yes, as the universal God energy is an all loving energy. At this stage, I do not know, whether the people may have to return with some of the ailments they suffered from in a lifetime, they chose to end.
  6. Did my loved one suffer?   -   My experience is such, that the cognitive mind has the ability to separate itself from pain before passing. When I have managed to merge nicely with a spirit person, who is passing I have been able to sense the energy of Love around them, both from people here on earth as well as their loved ones in spirit. People are never alone, when they pass, there is always someone greeting them in the afterlife.
  7. Can spirit be 'lost' or stuck once they move in to the afterlife?   -   In the almost two decades that I have had the privilege to blend and merge with the spirit person I have never once felt a spirit being stuck or lost. This is very much based on religious doctrine, and if a person can free themselves from concepts they have been taught and simplify the process of passing, they will most likely realize that stuck, or lost is not an experience a spirit takes with them. Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander describes very well, when he was in between heaven and earth, that he suddenly realized he was able to control his 'flight' or movement. This shows how he was still deeply connected to his loved ones here, and yet how his time was not up.
  8. How long does it take for a spirit to get adjusted in the Afterlife?   -   It depends, most spirits only takes hours, some it may take a little longer. If a person is a great communicator and strong personalities they may communicate almost immediately upon their arrival in Heaven. If a person is shy or reserved it may take a little while for a medium to truly connect with their energy. Some spirits in my experience have felt 'lighter' and less dense in their energy, soon upon their arrival, than someone who's been there for a while and who has seen other spirits 'pull the ropes' and communicate.
  9. Do people take their pain with them?   -   No, not at all. 
  10. Do spirits feel emotion in the Afterlife?   -   Absolutely and most often they will reflect that in Love, Forgiveness, Regrets.
  11. Can they see that I just had a baby?   -   Yes, and most likely they were present at the birth.
  12. Do the spirit people know my children, which they never met?   -   Yes, and often times they have met them before you.
  13. Can a session with a medium be healing?   -   Yes, if you find a very honest, well trained and experienced medium, wonderful healing can and most often takes place. Please see reviews written by people who've had sessions with me.
  14. What is the most powerful thing we can do in our life?   -   To Love and to Forgive.