Fraudulent Psychics and scammers - What to look for!!

1.   If a psychic asks you to pay a huge amount of money, in cash for crystals, candles or oils, know this is fraud.

2.   If a psychic tells you, you have dark energy around you, or that you are cursed, or possessed, this too is nonsense and you should leave. This is considered a form of control.

3.   When a psychic brings you in to their room/shop and proceeds to read your palm for $10 for 10 minutes, but then right as 10 minutes are up, they ask for significant amount of money, this too is an attempt at fraud and you should leave. Nothing significant can be said in 10 minutes, you are better off finding a legitimate psychic.

4.   If a psychic is contacting you relentlessly, via texts or phone calls after a reading, this is control and should not be tolerated. 

6.   When a psychic promises you, they can control other people, by spells or using candles, crystals or oils this is fraud.

7.   If a psychic asks for huge amount of money in cash, insist on receipts.

8.   Never give away your power, with controlling messages, via emails or texts. Once a reading is finished there ought not to be much contact after this.

9.   Do not go to a psychic more than maybe once or twice a year. If a psychic insists on you returning the following week, this is an attempt to scamming you.

10.  Do not cross lines of professional and personal relationships, as those can be used to control and have power over you.

11.  If you find yourself being a victim of a scam, you can contact the Attorney Generals Office, contact police and press charges, or file a lawsuit if your case is considered a civil case.

What you can look for in a good Medium, Intuitive or a Psychic! 

  • Certifications by legitimate institutions, diplomas or degrees, 
  • Positive reviews
  • You should see a refund/cancellation policy on their website.
  • Business should be registered
  • Word of mouth often is a great referral
  • They should indicate, if there is no connection within a few minutes, the session should not continue.
  • Payments should take place via legitimate payment sites, PayPal or Square.
  • Average price in 2017 in New England for a legitimate qualified Medium can be $175-$250. Qualified psychics may charge similar rates or a little less. A simple psychic reading should never exceed much more than this. There are also less expensive psychics, often with far less experience.
    There are likewise mediums who charge anywhere from $400, up to $600, or up to $1200 for 30 mins to one hour, and they may have long waiting lists. It must be noted, that there are excellent mediums, who charge the rates of $175-$200. 
  • Pricing does not dictate the quality of an excellent qualified medium, rather public reviews and education and certification.