45 Bartlett Crescent

Suite 4 - 2nd floor

Brookline MA 02446

In Office/In Person Sessions are MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY
For groups larger than 3 people


For IN-PERSON SESSION - you must pay deposit to secure your session upon booking the session, or within 24 hours. Any session without a deposit will be deleted and canceled. Please pay deposit ONLY, not full price.
If you run in to issues paying deposit, please email me and I can send you an invoice for the deposit through a different link. If you are a regular and I have met you, we may be able to bypass the deposit. If you are having a difficult time booking the session, please use a different browser than IE or Internet Explorer. Any other browser should work. If all fails, please contact me.
If you are 15 mins late, consider session canceled - No refunds will be given.
In case you are running late please send notification via email as there are no phones ringing at the office.

PHONE SESSIONS - Please fill the form below!

1 hr Medium and/or Life Guidance Mix

  • In Office $200
  • Phone $200
  • More than 2 people, add $50 each.

45 mins Life Guidance

  • In Office $170

  • Phone $170

Grief Counseling Session

In Office Only

Coming in 2016

Past Life Therapy Session

In Office Only

Coming Soon in 2016

For In-Office Session - Book Here!

All sessions are recorded onto mp3 audio files and emailed to you within 72 hours




Please give correct email/phone# when booking a session. Should there be an emergency cancellation we must be able to contact you to reschedule. 

Giving incorrect information will cancel a session. 

Deep Grief Therapy Relief

Are you coping with deep grief after a significant loss?

Using the method of Regression Therapy, I will soon be offering a session to help ease deep grief.

In combination with a mediumistic session, I will be offering sessions to help you connect via a Soul to Soul connection, your own connection with your loved one in Spirit.
As Past life regression, brings you in between lives as well as in to past and future lives, often with great success to heal past trauma, Using my skills as a medium I'll be facilitating a regression session combining my mediumistic techniques, as well as regression techniques.

It is strongly suggested, that you see a licensed mental health worker, or have access to one before or after a session such as this one, to help ease and lift emotional loss.

Coming Soon!

Past Life Therapy Session

Have you ever wanted to heal and transform a past life and current life trauma, or connection?

Soon SirrĂ½ will be offering private sessions, with focus on healing trauma and facilitating a path toward healing past and present relationships and understanding their deeper meaning.

Coming Soon!


Gift Certificates Available

Please email for additional information