One never truly knows how one is inspiring or influencing other peoples lives.
It has happened on a handful of occasions that I've done sessions that were life changing for me.

I think this note may be a note many other mediums may share similar experiences as my thoughts will bring you.
As mediums we are trained not to become caught up in other peoples emotions. We are trained to remain in the energy and truly blend with spirit so that we may convey their deepest most thoughts and emotions. It is essential that we get their message through as purely as we can as they truly are speaking from the 'Light'.

A couple of years ago, I did a session for a young mother who had lost a child. She had already been to see a couple of very well known mediums but she was still not completely content. She felt the mediums, especially on one occasion was not connecting, which most certainly can happen. We all have those days, where we just seem to be doing everything backwards.
So at the time, I really didn't think I would make much of a difference but the young woman and her friend asked if I'd at least give it a try. 
That 90 minute session became life altering for me, and has since then still touched my life.
It was so detailed that even I, while in the energy was amazed by the accuracy of the tiniest things the little girl wanted to share with her mother.
The session for me was life altering, and it still is affecting me and inspiring me, in my work today.
Fast forward a couple of years and I am working on another occasion where I am sharing a message from Spirit with a medium I think ever so highly of. I see this medium as my mentor, a medium that has inspired me beyond this world.
The message came from a Spirit who was like a mentor to this medium and in my minds eye, I see these beautiful glittering drops of water shimmering so beautifully with the sunlight, just trickling in a slow poetic motion down a dark slippery rock. This rock had cracks in it that showed wear and tear through thousands of years as the water flowed down.

At the moment I am delivering this message, I realize just as this medium has shared their messages of divine love and hope to those that sit with this medium, I realize that I too am a part of a much greater picture. That I too am a part of this trickling water, down the steep cliffs. I realize that my reflection bounces of the tiniest speckles of water, off the shiny rocks. And I realize that on my path I too will be meeting with people who will capture the reflection I have caught from my mentor, who caught it from their mentor. The people I meet, will reflect onto those that come to them in the future. 

It shows us, that we are all connected, whether we are in Spirit or here on Earth - we are All One.

If people only could see what I see in my minds eye when working they'd be in awe. And if only I could share the depth of the sound I hear with it, along with the scent and powerful sensations they'd be in complete awe. I wish I could share with people the exquisite beauty of my visions. They encompass all that anyone could ever imagine pure, divine love to be.

Know that you are, my reflection just as I, am your reflection.