A few days ago, many of the Certified Mediums with the Forever Family Foundation came together for the first annual Afterlife and Mediumship convention.

We all arrived, 11 mediums on 11/11. Mediums I deeply connect with, but rarely see as we are all busy with our work in our own hometowns. 
During our convention, it was such a great gift to me, to sit with them, during lunch and dinner and to connect with them. During the day, I got a few spare moments to connect with some of the attendees. 
I admit selfishly I truly enjoyed my time with my Medium colleagues. 
It is by far the most supportive community of mediums, I know. Where we all come together with one goal, to help people heal the passing of a loved one.

Coming back to Boston, I reflected and realized I wish I had, had more time to connect with some people I have only spoken to on the phone, or people I had just met. People who have been grieving. 
It was truly a whirlwind of 3 days and I know I'll be joining the team of mediums again, when Forever Family Foundation schedules the 2nd Annual Mediumship Convention.

During the weekend there was much to do, lectures as well as mediums teaching. There were different subjects for different interests. 

One evening, my colleague Laura Lynne did a group and it was by far one of the most special moments I have witnessed. There were maybe 80 people in tha room, pretty intimate for a 'large' group.
She came in, and began almost immediately bringing through messages from children. 
It was powerful beyond words and it is rare for me as a medium to be able to say, this truly is a magical moment, where you could feel the energy with your entire being of children in the spirit world and their love they brought to their parents. Her messages were divine, healing, loving and powerful.

Healing took place.

As a medium, I observed all the parents, who connected, who found solace and unity in their deep grief. 
I hope, all of the attendees, came away from this with love, and a deeper understanding and connection above all, to their loved ones in Spirit.

An absolutely magical weekend.

I say thank you to all the volunteers of the Forever Family Foundation, to all the other mediums, to Laura Lynne, Janet Mayer, Eliza Rey, Gina Simone, Renee Buck, Joe Shiel, Joe Perretta, Neal Rzepkowski, Rebecca, Angelina Diana and special thanks to Bob and Phran who work tirelessly on bringing all this together, and Leigh Harris. All people who do amazing work, and make magic happen, to all I say a Heartfelt Thank You.