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To be Better or Bitter, that is the quesion.

Posted by Sirry Berndsen on Sunday, February 21, 2016, In : Love 
The easy way, often times is to ignore, to shun, to do as if other people do not exist, after a disagreement.
On a soul level it is probably one of the unhealthiest ways, of dealing with a difficult situation, as the soul is stunted in its growth.

In my work, I see far too often, people having disagreements, needless pain and suffering taking place, because it was more important for one person to be right, than to love.

Recently in my work, I have met a few young people who were left out of th...
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Why we connect with the Spirit World may have multiple reasons.

Posted by Sirry Berndsen on Monday, February 1, 2016, In : Meditation 
When a person expresses a desire or a need to connect with the Spirit World, there usually has been a death, or a sudden drastic change in their lives that has prompted people to want to make contact.
This would be the most common reason, to find healing and to be able to carry on the light, their loved ones left behind, as well as heal wounds of life, when a sudden change happens. Coming to terms, with life being ever flowing.

There are some people, who find the healing to be immeasurable and ...
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