Every now and then, and actually far too frequently I come across clients who have in one way or another been scammed  or told things that are just not based on truth or reality.

There are fraudulent psychics that will lure you in, asking you for $10 for 10 minutes, reading your palm or pulling cards, giving you vague information that could and could not fit. They'll say something, right at the moment it's getting interesting, and ask if you'd like to extend your time and most people fall for it. You'll now be paying additional $20 or $50 and think nothing of it.

When the psychics proceed to tell you, you are cursed or there is dark energy around you, that your aura has holes in it, or that your soul is broken, you have attachments, or even any of your family members have bad energy the fraudulent psychic is installing fear in you, and they'll ask you for more money to remove or fix any of these issues. They'll make promises to cleanse your aura, to clear obstacles with the purchase of very expensive 'special' candles or crystals. The items they try and sell you can range from $500 to $5000 and they'll assess each situation, sometimes based on looking at your bank statements or paystubs. 
They'll lure you in even further, by checking up on you by texting, or calling or emailing inappropriately. You have now become a victim of their scam.

They'll go as far as demanding huge amounts of money from you, when you feel insecure about significant cross-roads in your life. This could have to do with jobs, or loss thereof, relationships or failure to maintain or find one. They'll prey on your weakest points, give all sorts of promises in exchange for money.

A truly gifted Intuitive or a Medium and a truly ethical one, will have very high standards, they'll have an excellent reputation. They'll have documents or certificates of studies within different metaphysical practices or certifications from reputable organizations. They will not want to see you in a few months, and they have clear boundaries on exchanging emails/texts or any other thing that would encourage communication after a session is completed.
A reputable Intuitive and a Medium, will never want to sell you any thing for great amounts of money. They may have books for $10-$15 or possibly little meditation stones for $5-$10 but nothing that would cost you thousands of dollars to purchase.

If you are scammed by a fraudulent psychic or as they're sometimes called gypsies you have a few options.
You can contact the Attorney Generals office, you can press charges, although it may have to go through civil court. You can contact town/city to see if they are properly licensed and if not, the city/town can shut them down and fine them. And finally you can contact a lawyer and there are many legal services out there that give great advice.

Always keep track of payments, and ask for receipts for astronomical amounts of money.