When a loved one passes away, mediums grief just as everyone else.

It was said to me recently by a wonderful medium and a mentor, that every time we do a session with a grieving person, we tug on their hearts, and emotions are brought to the surface. 
This I knew, as I always hoped to have left a person feeling healed after a very emotional session, and a feeling of hope and knowing of love between people and spirit. That spirit is just a heart's thought away.

As I say in the beginning of a session, quietly in my prayers, may this session be healing, and helpful and my they find Light in their grief.

In the past few years, I have lost several family members and friends. This has not allowed me to fully grief, while helping others and I have found that taking time for myself and self-care, and self love has become pivotal.
Love can never be measured, nor can grief ever be measured.

As love is a deep emotion, so is grief and it comes and goes in waves. Healing the heart after loss is essential.
This has also caused me to be backed up with my work in helping others. 
I recently realized that for me to continue as a medium, not to be exhausted I had to take some time off, only about a month, for self reflection and surround myself with family who also were connected to those who passed away.
Grief is hard, and creating a new life after loss, can become challenging but it is doable.
Being away from family can be the hardest so connecting with people, who also knew the loved one can be immensely helpful.
Self care, going for walks, meditating, or as I do, enjoy nature beach and geothermal outdoor swimming pools, and connecting with my youth, has been the most healing. Being surrounded by pets, who love unconditionally has also been essential.

Mediums grief, just as everyone else.