Frequently in sessions, people are surprised by the information that comes through.
Granted, some days the information is very pure, and specificity is uncanny. 
When spirit does flow through, they have to pull on, and trigger parts of memory in my mind. The more I pay attention in every day life, the more information can flow through in a session.
Yet, there is also a part that spirit can pull up in my mind, topics I know nothing about and have zero interest in. I still must always remain open minded at all times.
It has happened a few times, in a session that spirit conveys information that a 'sitter' may think I had searched for on the internet. This is a common question from a client. Recently a client asked, how do you know he's an economist? I replied, simply because I see the word in my mind. I have no interest in the subject, nor knowledge but I know, that is what he does for a living.
The proof is in the pudding, when some sessions there just isn't a clear connection, and there is no blame. See previous blog post.
But this past year, I decided to 'cut the cord', where i have no cable TV, only basic OTA. I have limited my internet use, as I find media, TV and other things quite traumatizing with the hard news that are happening all around the world. 
I have found myself having to minimize the information coming at me, as in my sessions I sit with and blend with people who have passed on. I relive their experience and that is enough for me. And any time I turn on the basic TV I receive, I tend to turn it off within one hour.
How can anyone live without being exposed to news and other things? It is possible and freeing. You get a chance to spend more time reading and with your own thoughts, a very peaceful and pleasant place to be.
Likewise, I have found myself otherwise to be so busy that I have no time, as I wrote here earlier, or interest in looking people up.

I simply trust the information flowing through me and TRUST is a big part of being a medium. Being in the center of the information, being in the center of the power and allowing the power and love to flow through me. In all essence it is quite divine.