After a great deal of thought for a few days now, and descending back to a calm peace of mind I have reflected on the lay person that recently defined my work, for me.
This is a person, who's job I would never define. I do not work nor operate within their profession and I will not cross those lines. I will ask them, should I need to, what does it entail.

Recently in a place of anger a person accused me of being a Psychic, and that in Websters Dictionary right underneath it, it said that Psychic was a fortune teller.
As everyone can probably imagine, this was coming from a rather angry person.
I said to the person: No, I am not a psychic. I work in bereavement, and I help grieving people cope with their loss by means of my certified profession and counseling.
The other person, continued letting off steam, insisting that in the Webster's dictionary underneath Psychic it said Fortune Teller. 
It was as if this person, was trying to prove a point, trying to convince me of something that was incorrect.

I let a few days pass and then looked underneath Psychic in the Webster's dictionary, there is nothing about a Fortune Teller. 

This is a modern day  witch hunt, ignorance of its greatest kind.

Underneath 'Medium' in Websters Dictionary it says: d plural mediums :  an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits

So there is nothing about Fortune Tellers. I felt at ease, as I now know this lay person, who was attempting to concince me of my profession, defining it without ever having been exposed to it.

The closest analogy I can use, is as if I were to go up to a surgeon and say to them: 'Oh, you must be a butcher.'

This is the closest thing to crazy I have come to, in the past few years. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be accused of such things in 2015.

I will, as many of the people who have shared a session with me, continue to focus on healing, especially healing from grief, loss or any other complicated life circumstance that's been brought to them.

I come from a place of love, and my integrity is very high. I try my best to be kind, loving, authentic and honest. Once a medium is tested and Certified by a well known non-profit organization such as the Forever Family Foundation, I think there is no questioning the quality a medium delivers.

If only the lay people knew, the healing that can take place once a session is completed with a medium.
Tears flow in those sessions, as well as laughter. 
No fortune telling at all takes place, simply words of healing.

Those that judge, without knowing I wish them nothing but love.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my friends