Why we connect with the Spirit World may have multiple reasons.

February 1, 2016
When a person expresses a desire or a need to connect with the Spirit World, there usually has been a death, or a sudden drastic change in their lives that has prompted people to want to make contact.
This would be the most common reason, to find healing and to be able to carry on the light, their loved ones left behind, as well as heal wounds of life, when a sudden change happens. Coming to terms, with life being ever flowing.

There are some people, who find the healing to be immeasurable and begin the journey of studying mediumship and intuition. And some people who, dabble in this for a year, maybe two and then move on. But there are many who discover the path to healing is often through spirit. That not being the only resource, but one of few. 

I often wonder, what brings people back in to a session, and what makes me love sitting in the energy spirit brings us?

My thoughts are these, that as we connect with the spirit world, not only do we experience unconditional love, no judgment and no hatred, we are free for a moment from the mundane every day life. We find a place of healing. We are not only surrounded by love, but we too are immersed in an energy where there is only love. Only love and no conditions and no competitions. No wars, and no fighting as the Soul in its own free way is able to stay and be still in the power of love. 
This is the place we came from, the eternal love or heaven where no wars exist, and this is the place we will return to, many times over. As we tap in to this energy, sitting in our own living rooms, or mediation circles or even in a place of prayer, synagogues, churches and temples, we can close our eyes and the rest of the world, does not exist. We are able to at that moment with our intention to connect with pure love.

If you ever find yourself at a loss, and not knowing where to move to, or how to move through life, this is one way of many. To connect with unconditional love.
Not only does it bring us healing, but also a place of surrender and a place of acceptance and a place of just being still.

Stillness, can truly bring us inner light, and as we embrace our inner light, we flow more easily through life.

Reflection of ones Soul

November 2, 2015
One of my all-time favourite things to do, is going to peoples homes and doing group sessions. These groups are always filled with love, high energy, compassion and hopes that everyone receive a message from their loved one. Everyone, wants for the other, the absolute best. People are in unity, hoping and praying their loved ones come through, but also that all the others receive the same gift.

I feel these groups, are often filled with people, who are on a spiritual path, who in some ways are...
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The Compassionate Listener

October 31, 2015
Recently I saw a video of Thich Nhat Hahn and Oprah where he reflected on the Compassionate listener. It touched my soul in a deep way, as I reflected on that. Am I able to be present with and for people when the seek that. As I reflect on it, the awareness of it is there. I try my best.

Also after sitting for a week, in front of a great teacher, Dr. Brian Weiss I find myself reflecting on his energy. I see him as the true Zen master, as he is running workshops and lectures all around the worl...
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What is the englightened soul?

October 31, 2015
People are so quick to judge. It is surely easier to judge, and to cut people off, than show bravery and say: Hey lets work on this soul lesson.

A handful of years ago, a close family member passed away. Someone I adored. It was someone who was filled with judgment and prejudice. The older I got, the more I saw it, the more I distanced myself from them.
I found, I could not be in close contact with someone who judged all my closest friendships.
I never understood this behaviour, till after their...
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Power of Forgiveness

October 29, 2015
In my previous writing I spoke about love and reflecting on that, I have too, reflected much on the power of forgiveness.
As mentioned before we are born with Love and we come in to this life, only knowing love. Heaven is a place of unconditional love.
A child is sheltered, until it begins to attend school and engage in social environment. It begins the first few steps toward conflict and then the question is, does the child have the tools to engage in problem solving?
Some children are excellen...
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The heart knows....

September 18, 2015
Spirit is my greatest teacher. The people who have passed on, as well as my helpers in the Spirit world.
I will always be grateful when I have a session, with people who have learned amazing lessons of love in this life time. 
One of the greatest lessons of love is forgiveness.

The power of forgiveness is the greatest healer there is. When we forgive others, as we forgive ourselves our hearts soften. 
A tender heart cannot be broken, only hard fragile hearts can break in to million pieces.

When a ...
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Lay person's definition of my profession.

September 13, 2015
After a great deal of thought for a few days now, and descending back to a calm peace of mind I have reflected on the lay person that recently defined my work, for me.
This is a person, who's job I would never define. I do not work nor operate within their profession and I will not cross those lines. I will ask them, should I need to, what does it entail.

Recently in a place of anger a person accused me of being a Psychic, and that in Websters Dictionary right underneath it, it said that Psychi...
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Prejudism in 2015

September 9, 2015
In the 15 years that I have been in practice, I so often run in to close mindedness and prejudice. 
It truly is saddening, and at times maddening, to listen to people speak, to quote scriptures as if that is the only truth, to hide behind old prejudice that has no place in 2015.

Far too many, express fear in the unknown, tied in with deep prejudice, but history has shown us, time and time again the unknown, is where the true gifts are discovered. Or as Gandhi said: Be the change, you want to se...

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'The Trickle Effect'

October 16, 2010
One never truly knows how one is inspiring or influencing other peoples lives.
It has happened on a handful of occasions that I've done sessions that were life changing for me.

I think this note may be a note many other mediums may share similar experiences as my thoughts will bring you.
As mediums we are trained not to become caught up in other peoples emotions. We are trained to remain in the energy and truly blend with spirit so that we may convey their deepest most thoughts and emotions. It ...

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