In my previous writing I spoke about love and reflecting on that, I have too, reflected much on the power of forgiveness.
As mentioned before we are born with Love and we come in to this life, only knowing love. Heaven is a place of unconditional love.
A child is sheltered, until it begins to attend school and engage in social environment. It begins the first few steps toward conflict and then the question is, does the child have the tools to engage in problem solving?
Some children are excellent at this, and some less so. 
When a child is truly loved and attended to, and given a very loving, attentive nurturing home, it will stand greater chance in life, understanding how to problem solve. Often children who are left to figure things out, who are 'forgotten' or let to grow up by themselves a lot, will miss out.
Before criticism, this is the general rule of thumb. I child raised in a loving home, will understand and spread love in a greater capacity, than a child growing up in a home with i.e. drug users as parents, or an abusive father or a mother. Abuse can take place, both in a physical form and in a mental form.

As we grow up and learn to problem solve we bring in to our awareness our understanding of another soul. But do we have the tools and the capacity to love and forgive those who have done us wrong.

Many people grow up in an environment of bullying or mental abuse and there comes a time, when a child growing up in that environment can become, like the bully or like his or her own abuser.
We all have turning points in our lives.

I grew up, with tremendous bullying, and unfortunately as I was the youngest child it was not addressed as it could have. From the age of 12 I had completely turned away from anything to do with God, and felt that God had abandoned me. I was an atheist for most of my life. Until in my late 20's I moved to a new country, and as my previous environment had always felt safe I continued the same, feeling safe. 
In my first year of living in North America I was attacked, a moment in my life that changed everything. It was by a deranged person, who themselves most likely endured extreme hardship.
It began my journey toward seeking meaning in life, and my journey to spiritual discoveries began.
I discovered that I was born a medium, never knowing till that year.
I had always had a very creative imagination, but still grounded in life.
After this attack, as my new life began many people would assume I would hold resentment to the person who did this to me. It didn't as my focus was solely on healing myself and understanding my path in life. I had a choice, to put energy in to this person, and horrid event in my life, or to focus on my future and my life. 
My future was far more important and my focus remained there.
Shortly after this attack, I also found that some family members who I adored were no supportive of many of my decisions. They would criticize me, and shun me when I wanted their love and support the most. There was estrangement for many years. Since then the family member who I so adored has passed. They passed away, without reconciliation.
I've carried deep sadness about this, but I am blessed. Because of my work, I receive messages from this individual on a regular basis, through other mediums. I see also how sincere those messages are, as the mediums often become emotional and well up with tears.
I know forgiveness has taken place and I again, am able to adore this person. I no longer hold resentment toward them, for shunning me and not supporting me.
Love is a powerful thing, and forgiveness even more so.

The lesson in all of this, is do not wait until tomorrow to tell someone - I'm sorry. Do not wait, until tomorrow to let someone know, how you truly feel about them on a soul level. Remember, you came from a place of love, and only love. Are you able to bring this love, to earth and in to this life. Are you able to acknowledge the deep feeling that lives within your heart, and just say simple words to those who have touched your life - I love you, I forgive.

I chose love - I chose forgiveness.