One of my all-time favourite things to do, is going to peoples homes and doing group sessions. These groups are always filled with love, high energy, compassion and hopes that everyone receive a message from their loved one. Everyone, wants for the other, the absolute best. People are in unity, hoping and praying their loved ones come through, but also that all the others receive the same gift.

I feel these groups, are often filled with people, who are on a spiritual path, who in some ways are quite enlightened and who have, most of all understood loss in the most profound ways.

People inspire me, those who are living and also those in spirit world.
Tonight I did a wonderful group of 10 people who were beaming with love, before and after our group. One lady in the spirit world I will always remember. I saw her in my minds eye as the flying nun, and she was one of the recipient's spiritual mother. The nun was so bright and enlightened soul, she felt more elevated than so many people. I felt her love for humanity, and her love for all. She would reflect on things with people, and say to them, does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. I felt very Mother Teresa like with her, and all this was true. She was a good, very loving nun. 

As I felt her energy, surrounded by all these people I thought to myself, I do hope one day I can achieve this, unconditional love and be enlightened as she was. 

As the evening went on, there were fabulous messages of love, laughter and tears. Healing took place.
At the end of the night once we had ended the group session, one of the ladies who knows me a tiny wee bit, said to me: I always see you, as a very spiritual person, pointing her finger at me.
In my heart I immediately thought, Oh dear god, the pressure! And if only I was. Realizing what had I done lately to deserve that observation from another?
She said yes, you always check in with us, are you praying enough, are you meditating?
It is true, I pray all the time, and ask for favours, love, forgiveness, I ask for healing, I ask for enlightenment, compassion and love for myself and all others around me.
I've asked spirit to help me find compassion for those I have a hard time with, and to find solace in other peoples upheaval. 
I pray a lot, yet I say to people, I hardly ever pray, I don't pray enough.
I mediate or am in a state of mindfulness every day, yet I find myself thinking I really ought to meditate more.

It was the greatest compliment, the most loving and most heartfelt observation I have heard in a long time - I always see you as such a spiritual person. Earlier this month a great teacher said, you are most likely a very evolved being, since you don't kill, barely even a fly.
I truly like the fact, that others reflect and see the things I've hoped to achieve.

I does take a little bit of work, to find ones center, it does take a wee bit of work, to find inner peace and love for all, but it is possible. The first steps are, to forgive oneself and all others.