Recently I saw a video of Thich Nhat Hahn and Oprah where he reflected on the Compassionate listener. It touched my soul in a deep way, as I reflected on that. Am I able to be present with and for people when the seek that. As I reflect on it, the awareness of it is there. I try my best.

Also after sitting for a week, in front of a great teacher, Dr. Brian Weiss I find myself reflecting on his energy. I see him as the true Zen master, as he is running workshops and lectures all around the world and he is really in the moment, and gives people tremendous attention and love and light.

I have learned in the past, as we see, we become.
When we see love, and compassion, we become love and compassion.
As we see hatred, intolerance and violence we can become hateful, intolerant and violent.
When we see pain, we process that pain. The question is, will we allow that pain to flourish in to melancholy or will we nurture the seed of that experience and allow it to grow, like a beautiful lotus flower.

Being Alive is a Miracle.

See the Zen master, become the Zen
See the love in all beings, become a ray of Love