The one thing we have, that is whole, that is sacred that can never been damaged, dented, or broken is our soul.
We carry deep wisdom within our souls, and our souls lighten our paths, when we listen.
There are times in our lives, that we find ourselves drawn to one 'light' and that being another person, their soul, their inner light. We are drawn to them for different reasons. Sometimes for our own soul to grow, and sometimes to just be and merge.
Life is a continued lesson, a classroom filled with experiences. How we work through them, is unique to our souls and our journey.

Far too often, I see people in my office, or speak to people on the phone, who are struggling in relationships. People who somehow may have lost sight of their own inner light, and far too often seeks recognition by another person, feeling and believing that person has the answers to their journey.
Nobody, but you has answers for your soul.
We can get clouded by one person's energy, yet yearning to stay with them because it is safe and it is familiar. When the person has struggled for a while, no person, neither a friend or an intuitive can truly say to another you should do this. A good friend, a good intuitive may suggest a healthy path, as they are neutral to the path of the person involved.

So often, people are insecure. Will s/he like me? Will they fall in love with me? Will they, or why isn't s/he, calling me? 
How about you, call you, how about you wake up to your inner light, not someone else's? At least for a while. Allow your heart to heal, and fall in love with YOU again.

People are sometimes, through the grace of God, at different places in their lives, and not always ready to make the leap. If a person, you feel truly drawn to, is not calling or responding to you, give it time. If it is truly meant to be, that person will come to you, be with you whole heartily.

When one relationship goes through a turmoil, it is the greatest growth for that soul at that time.
If the person, continues to hold on to a relationship, that in some ways is no longer working, the soul is saying, we have done our work, lets move on to new adventures. But the ego may say: I'm not ready to let go yet. Then it is as if the soul says, OK lets take on this lesson again, fully and learn more about our soul, during more challenging and difficult moments. The soul, follows the ego, allowing itself to grow freely.
But then in relationships, why would the soul want to read the same chapter, over and over again? Isn't the lesson learned in one or two reads?

One of the most challenging situations it seems is for most people to take a moment to get to know themselves. 
They would rather struggle endlessly, let someone hurt them over and over again, and then move on to another partner too soon, taking along all their old baggage, thinking it is OK, I will clear that as I get to know the new person, often not realizing, as they are unpacking they are so smitten, so mesmerized by the new experience that lies ahead, they neglect to do inventory. 
Like when we do spring cleaning. They are necessary once in a while, simply because one size may not fit another season, another year.  It is essential for the mind and the heart, to pause, simply so that we get to see the sunset again, as well as the sunrise with new set of eyes. Our own eyes, not filtered through another person's experience.
When life has been, in black and white for a while, with dullness, and perhaps that typical drama of old movies, why would we want to continue watching life through the same filter, of black and white movies, and the same drama, perhaps a different movie, with a different set of eyes. 
Betty Davies eyes, will look the same, from one movie to another, her voice will sound the same, only the lines will be different. 
If one gives oneself time to turn off one movie, take time and to process, and see the colours all around us, see the sunrise, see the sunset, having brand new experiences, we never know who then, may come into our vision, in to our lives,
Or if we find ourselves, completing reading one book, why read the same book over and over again. Why not take a moment, take in and process what that book was about and then, and maybe then read it over again or grab a new book and truly enjoy a new read. 

The soul, needs time to process emotions, not to get confused by one experience to another. Give your soul some time to heal, allow the pain of today and yesterday to heal. Once that pain is healed, then and only then, let the soul take flight.

I have seen in my work, the importance of giving the emotion of love and hurt, a little bit of  a break. Moving from one lover to another giving the soul no time to heal, always ends up as a disaster, as people do get hurt, and often hurt very deeply. It is essential to heal the pain of an experience, to not take it from one lover to another. The transference from one relationship to another is far too common.
If you are not willing to take on that pain, to numb yourself forever then that is the journey of your soul. But keep in mind, on your journey as you focus on moving from one to another, not reflecting on the process you will cause someone deep pain, which is truly a selfish, and unkind act, not coming from the love of the soul. This is how some narcissists act in life, it becomes all about them, with little consideration for the others, who lie wounded in the field. The narcissist only sees their own reflection, and wants constantly to be admired by someone and themselves. 

True love, and true beauty lives within the soul, of the one who is humble, mindful and who sees the beauty of everyone around them.

When we put too much emphasis on being in relationships with others, we often forget and neglect the relationship with ourselves. 
It's like standing in front of a mirror, avoiding ones own reflection, but always wanting to see the reflection with another, loosing focus on ourselves, but always seeing us, not the I,
See the 'I' with gentle eyes, see the 'I'  with humble eyes.
Love who you see, before you focus on another, but love your soul gently.

To truly love the 'I' one must know the 'I' within the -I am-

I am Love