Spirit is my greatest teacher. The people who have passed on, as well as my helpers in the Spirit world.
I will always be grateful when I have a session, with people who have learned amazing lessons of love in this life time. 
One of the greatest lessons of love is forgiveness.

The power of forgiveness is the greatest healer there is. When we forgive others, as we forgive ourselves our hearts soften. 
A tender heart cannot be broken, only hard fragile hearts can break in to million pieces.

When a baby is born, its heart is so tender as all it knows is to love and be loved. It comes with only one knowledge - Love
As we travel through life, we feel that people do us harm, people are untruthful and unfaithful and deceitful. All lessons for our soul's journey.
But when we surrender to the power of love, no person can affect us or hold us hostage in a grip of control. No grip is that powerful, that we suffocate under the burdens of the judgment of others.

When we surrender, and we find tenderness in our hearts, and when we have seen the power of forgiveness and surrender to unconditional love - Love is all there is.

Love empowers and love is tenderness.

Far too many people have conflicts. Struggles and conflicts that are never necessary, but far too many want to be in control and say: I must be right, I must win this argument. When another person, enters a conflict, only with love in their hearts and does not fight, at the end of that conflict, love will conquer.
The one, who choses to still fight and argue, is truly the one that loses. They lose on the opportunity to love and explore unconditional love.

Control is not love
Power is not love
Arguments are not love

Love is tender, love is soft, love is like the whisper in the wind that we feel on our cheeks. Love is gentle and love is sweet.

When there is conflict, judgment of any sorts, embrace the power of love and feel that love all around you.
Surrender to love and let go of judgment.

Our greatest teachers, are often those that place the harshest judgment upon us.

Be Love - Chose Love