It happens, far too frequently that people are taken advantage of, by fraudulent psychics and gypsies.
The stories I have heard, are countless by now, and every time I hear of a person falling for a scam it saddens me deeply. 
On the other hand, when a person catches themselves before the scam has taken place, I must praise them.

How to spot it? 
Well, if a psychic has a store front in an expensive area, and lures you in by a coupon or by saying first 10 minutes are $10 or something on that note, and then you find yourself sitting there for a long time and then asked to return later, either with more money to remove curses or to remove bad energy from you, know this is a potential scam. This is the moment you should think before you put any money out, and hopefully leave.
If a psychic tells you, you have bad energy, or dark energy, or dark aura, or your chakras need healing and if you bring in more money, then the energy can be removed, please know this is a scam.

An honest Medium, or an Intuitive will not have you return with any items or money, and they will not sell you anything for astronomical amounts of money, and they will not have you believe you are in any way cursed.

A good, loving, compassionate and caring intuitive will help you see, where in life you could make improvements, and how to see love in your life, without any prejudice. A good Medium and Intuitive, will help guide you to improve your life without any tools or additional payments.

In my office, I have a rule that I do not want to see people more than once a year, possibly twice, and I never charge additional fees for anything, and I do my best to be generous with my time and, I share my compassion with those that come and attend a session.

My first goal is to serve spirit, then you, and then hope and pray that something in the session you have received, will help you guide you on your path.

When it comes to the mediumistic sessions, I always pray, call on the spirits, meditate and hope that healing take place. When a successful session with a medium is concluded, you would have been brought in to profound memories, only known by you and the spirit, and healing will begin to take place.

I do not believe in closures, as that sounds to me as if we're closing doors on spirits. Rather, I believe in opening hearts, that people will, through their grief begin to open their hearts, so that their loved one, can once again, touch upon the love, once shared by two people.

Only Love is Real