It sometimes comes up in conversation that there are those that do not believe mediums ought to be paid for their work, and there are some that feel that some mediums are very expensive.
It is a dialogue I have heard ever since I began working as a medium.

In a realistic world it is not possible for a medium to survive without payment, and a fair payment. One then may think what is a fair payment.

To let my readers in to the world of excellent mediums, we must take very good care of our bodies, minds and spirits in order to do this work.
One of my mentors would always remind me, are you taking care of yourself?
And I would say the best I can, working a full-time job, and working as a medium 2 days a week, so working 7 days a week at a minimum wage job, while getting my work as a medium off the ground.
Needless to say, it was a number of years I found myself in this position, and frequently being sick, nurturing a bad cold and exhausted on top of this. My sessions at the time were good, but not excellent.

One I had the opportunity to truly open my own office and dedicate time to my work, it took many years of growth, and may years of little income.
Once I had established myself and my name was spreading among people who truly believe, enjoy and find healing with this work, finally I was able to get a decent office and focus on the mediums.

Now, many ask me, why does it cost this much to have a session?
Can I get a discount?
Frequently in the past I would give discounts, as I believed everyone ought to have a chance to sit with a medium.
A person would only come, maybe once or twice a year so not very frequently as that is my stipulation.
When I would give discounts, that meant I had to see twice as many people, and use twice as much of my time and energy to accommodate people. My landlord would never give me discounts.

So the question does arise, why does it cost what it costs to have a session with a medium?
The costs include an office space, insurance and business license, heat, electricity, internet access, phone lines, website, booking calendar, additional costs related to the internet, it includes updates on equipment i.e. computer, microphones, travel and transportation, and it includes occasional investment in education, and for some mediums they pay salary for assistants. The list is very long.
All this costs money, and none of this includes having a roof over ones head, or food on ones plate.
When all those costs are subtracted from a session, not much is left, so mediums who believe in their work, have their own private office, go through leaps and bounds to keep the office open.

Meanwhile, no landlord, mortgage broker/bank, electrical company, heating company, phone company or any other part of a business such as one, a medium runs, would ever give a discount.

For this reason, I often wonder why is it acceptable to ask a medium for a discount?
It is exceptionally rare that a therapist offers a discount, yet many people see their therapists weekly or bi-weekly.
It is rare to see a person go to a restaurant, then asking for a discount off their meal. Only times meals are given away for free is when their is hair in the meal or a mistake has been made.
If a person is looking to rent or buy a home, nobody would entertain the idea of asking the landlord or the bank for a discount.

So why is it, that it is thought as acceptable to ask for discounts?
I understand many people are underpaid, and many people work for minimum wage. But likewise, as I often did in the past, I offered my services for free a few times a year, when I would do fundraisers at spiritualist churches in New England.

There are many fine mediums connected to the Spiritualist Church, who do readings for reduced fees. I suggest looking those up. There are also, many metaphysical shops that offer great psychics and mediums, and their fees are less simply because they are contractors within a shop.

I felt I had to share these thoughts, as I once was located in a large office, a Holistic Healing Center, offering regular classes and workshops at fair prices. Yet people would ask for discounts regularly. After 2 years in that location, it was a great realization to me, that I would be unable to carry this dream of a Holistic Center in Boston at the rates I was offering classes and sessions for. I was forced to close down that center.

How one person, asks for a discount affects the rest of a business, and we want good businesses to stay in business.

By those words I wish those that read this, abundance, and my wealth of mind, body and spirit flow in to your life.