There are days, when there's not a good connection between myself and the spirit world. I've learned not to fuss about it, and I always remind my clients that it's not their fault and it isn't my fault, but sometimes a medium just doesn't quite catch the frequency needed. 
I liken this to a shortwave radio. As a child, I would borrow my dad's radio sometimes and I would scan through the stations. Where I grew up, and during the time I grew up, we only had one radio station, unless we had a fancy shortwave radio. 
My dad travelled extensively all around the world, and he picked up a couple of radios while in the Middle East. 
I remember sometimes picking up the American radio, from the Nato base and I would listen to the Casey Kasem American Top 40 songs, Or I would hear radio Luxembourg.
It was all quite amazing to me that a little radio, would bring me voices from around the globe, with static and everything.

This is how a connection can sometimes be, with static. As I am a very sincere, authentic medium I do not proceed with those sessions, as I know it would not be beneficial to anyone. When this happens, if it is a phone session, I guide the person on the other end of the phone to someone else, or if it is in my office, I offer the 3 R's. Refund, Reschedule or a Referral. We always know this, within the first few minutes. If a session is completed there are never refunds, as I have by that time, spent 2-3 hours with the sitter. 
Not all mediums offer to authenticate the communicator before a session starts, and they take your money, and say well this is what I got! 
Many, many years ago, I had lost my job and I had a total of $80 in my pocket. A friend had said to me, oh you must see this psychic that I think is fabulous. I remember I was so desperate so I said OK I will try that. This is all taking place before I opened up my own practice. I had already started doing sessions, but it was non-paid sessions through fundraisers and at churches. 
I went in with one question, and one only: "Should I open up my own practice"?
The psychic asked me my birthday and then proceeded to give me a reading on Egyptian things, that i had no interest in, and then told me I'd be meeting this man, who was approximately two decades older than myself, and he'd have two kids in college. At this time, I myself had just graduated college and I found myself disheartened and disappointed and I knew then the psychic was way off. 
I left the shop, feeling devastated to have given her almost all my money, knowing despite her being way off, it was non-refundable. I now had $20 in my pocket.

The lesson it taught me, was when I opened up my own office, I would do my best to by honest, to be authentic in my work and truly accommodate the person who sought me out. I knew in my heart, that those that were looking for a healing session, would find me and they have. 
The focus of my work is not predictions of any sort, but that each session be healing, and solutions be found to challenging situations. My spirit helpers and I, we take a look at  a person's path, and how they will flourish, and we also speak about their Free Will.