When mediums come together, we often feel a deep connection. We understand one another, our lives, our vivid world of spirit connections. It's an unusual world in some ways as we experience, from seeing, feeling, hearing and merging with spirit how they spent their final moments in life. 
It can be a very heart wrenching, and yet heartfelt experience at the same time. 
For moments, we take on the experience, we move through it, we merge with it, we share it. 
It all affects us as mediums, especially those that truly are able to blend with the spirits.
We then carry a tiny little bit of the sadness, that people here in earth, are no longer feeling the love of their loved ones, who have passed.

What I have learned as a medium is to be of service, first and foremost. I have also learned that balance is essential.
When ever I find myself extending myself a little too much, the essence of each session can get watered out a tiny little bit. When this happens, I get energetically depleted, exhausted and sometimes sick. It is my bodies way of saying, slow down, take care of yourself, re-charge.
I have likewise learned the invaluable lesson of going away, to be in peace and quiet. I go and visit family, I watch no violence on TV but truly enjoy watching European TV shows on antiquities and other such programs. I love old things, and embrace the energy left by so many people who have waled on this earth before me, who have made or touched an object. Some mediums do not like old things, but I do. It's a different era.

Older people, are more of a gift to us, than I think we often realize. They carry stories within their hearts, that can easily be forgotten, they carry memories that ought to be shared.
This holiday season as I visit with my little family, I will make sure to listen and to ask questions, to my older living relatives. I am cheeky as I will be recording them while they tell me stories. 
I know this as a medium, that nothing is as precious as having the voice of your loved one once they are gone.

So many times, people have had voicemails, of loved ones expressing love. Voicemails people hold on to, like their most precious gift. 

If you have relatives, you are truly connected to, who you feel such strong bonds with, record their stories, keep those stories, the memories where you can access them at any time. 

Love is eternal and memories are precious.