The easy way, often times is to ignore, to shun, to do as if other people do not exist, after a disagreement.
On a soul level it is probably one of the unhealthiest ways, of dealing with a difficult situation, as the soul is stunted in its growth.

In my work, I see far too often, people having disagreements, needless pain and suffering taking place, because it was more important for one person to be right, than to love.

Recently in my work, I have met a few young people who were left out of their father's lives, for one reason or another. And things were done, and things were said that caused years of pain in the child's heart. Unnecessary pain, that no parent should ever let their child go through.
This is across the board, when there is divorce or separation in a family, where two parents have either made it their mission to keep things away from a child, or a parent may have held letters or gifts from a child or a parent refuses to pay child support.
It is as if some people are fighting a war, a continuous war that nobody wins, and there are only losers.

If a person, could take a moment and instead of jumping in to a bumper car, and try to get their way and, they would instead find the Ferris wheel and travel to the top of the wheel and see the grandeur of life, the magnificence of life as being a magical existance, the miracle they created, when creating a child, then and only then is a person able to see that on a soul level, we as humans should never cause another person pain or harm, by being unkind or cutting another person out of a child's life.

Everyone agrees as time passes, and as we get older, we feel there is too much pain in the world, but are we aiding the pain, aggression, and disharmony by standing by, powerless?
Or are we finding the softer way, the gentler way of dealing with a difficult situation?

It is not about surrender, it is not about being right, it is not about having the last word.
Last words, insisting on being right, do not matter at all, at the end of someone's life.

What matters is, how gently did we love, how kindly did we live and how much love were we able to share from our own hearts, with others.

Hardships, can leave us better or bitter. There comes a day, hopefully in most people's lives when a person realizes it was never about being right, and I have the power to change the bitterness to sweetness.
Even when people accuse others of behaviours that they find unacceptable.
Is it the accusers right to judge so harshly and to influence other peoples opinions?
Or is it the accusers responsibility to recognize, hard times happen, how do we take them on.

Bitter or Better?

Always chose better, as love, kindness and tenderness brings us over the greatest valleys, and the tallest peaks.
Love conquers all, love is the bridge to peace and harmony in life.