I often get asked the question, why are my prices so high?
When in reality, when people begin to think this through they are not at all that high.

Running an office in a large city costs money, and landlords are not willing to give discounts.
When assembling a website, a whole lot of things go in to it. 
Payment methods, file transfer websites, hosting, domain names, booking app, calendar plugins, upkeep of website to name a few things. All this costs money. On top if this each session for the best mediums may take 2 hours or up to 4 hours, and after one session most mediums get quite tired, or even doing two excellent session in a day can be quite tiresome.

I always say, if you want to sit with me, expect to sit for a while and expect healing to take place. Not only exchange of basic information, but accessing details that nobody would know, and tapping on energy that is profound and often healing.

An excellent session with top-notch medium is like going to a first class restaurant, or if you're on vacation going to a top-notch destination. It's an experience you will probably never forget. It can for some be life-changing.

After many costs that go in to running a business, rent, costs associated with website, calendar and booking websites along with payment websites etc etc, the price is not that high.
Each client must remember we only take a portion of the price paid.

I too often get asked for discounts, and I have thus far been generous, not only with my time but if people are unemployed or students I am willing to nudge a little discount in. I have found though, that some people who earn more than I do, have asked for discounts and that is unfair. Those discounts though, will soon come to an end.
People see little problem in going to a therapist a couple of times a month or weekly and pay for that, but hesitate to pay when it comes to a session with a medium.

It is all energy, and as such I wish everyone to keep in mind, when they ask for discounts, I spend on average about 4 hours with each client, and then many, many hours responding to emails and updating website and running a business with no pay. If only, all those that are getting their cut off each session, could give me discounts, yet they never would or do. 
I hope this explains, why I charge the way I do.