People are so quick to judge. It is surely easier to judge, and to cut people off, than show bravery and say: Hey lets work on this soul lesson.

A handful of years ago, a close family member passed away. Someone I adored. It was someone who was filled with judgment and prejudice. The older I got, the more I saw it, the more I distanced myself from them.
I found, I could not be in close contact with someone who judged all my closest friendships.
I never understood this behaviour, till after their death.

I am blessed, as a medium I can communicate with my own loved ones in spirit, but it truly is a treat when my students deliver messages. This family member since their passing has come through on several occasions, truly enlightened with messages of love and compassion and most of all forgiveness. The mediums who have brought this person through, have themselves had a hard time holding back their tears and emotions.

Healing has taken place after their passing.

But what did I learn from all of this? For many years I carried the burden of judgment. This person judged me, and in return I judged them for judging me.

I learned though, after a while, that carrying the burden of judgment became heavier than carrying the Light of Love.
One summer day, a good friend to me said. It's ok to be gentle now, you know.
I realized that moment, half a year after the passing of this person, that I had to unleash the burden of judgment and I set myself a goal to let go of the hardship and harshness.
Every day, I said to myself, I am gentle.

As time went by, I released the burden of judgment and replaced it with gentleness.
Each day it's a reflection. I ask myself as people judge me, was I gentle enough. And if in response my heart feels gentle, I know I did my best to be gentle. I ask myself, as this person judged me, am I judging them, and if I find myself judging them I change that thought and empower myself with finding something positive about that person.
I release tension of judgment, and I embrace loving actions and words.

If only, we could learn the lessons of forgiveness when we are alive, we would all grow exponentially on a soul level.
I believe the god essence, puts in our paths opportunity after opportunity to forgive and to connect and to talk.

If there is anyone in your life, who you wish to reach out to, do so. Never give up hope on the power of prayer as they are heard.
Never miss out, on an opportunity to heal and forgive, as the essence of god, lays them in front of us, each and every day. It is called, calling or contacting the people and saying: I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you.

Be gentle, forgiving and loving when ever you can.