Testimonials I ~ 2009-2011





Sirry's ability to connect with the spirit world is beyond amazing. I have no doubt she connected with my mother. Thank you, Sirry. You are truly a beautiful soul!


Gabriela Z


This was just a wonderful experience! Sirry is so warm and caring; the session was such a joy for me. She was able to communicate with my loved ones and told me things that absolutely confirmed her ability! There is no doubt that she connected with my loved ones, and for that I am eternally grateful! It brought me so much peace..... Thank you!


Emma I

Sirry is incredible

I had my very first Medium session with Sirry. I came into this experience as a non believer and questioning whether or not there is afterlife. As soon as we started our session, I instantly became a believer. My experience with Sirry was unlike anything I've ever experienced. She is a gifted woman.



Out of the Shadows

Sirry was very accurate on her intuitive reading, but I felt spent too much time on my mother, who was "with her", and not enough time on my journey. She had several messages from my mother that were redundant to me as it's been 22 years since she died. I was pleased to have her insights on my immediate future as she seemed to be able to articulate what my husband and I had been thinking.



Truly amazing. Highly recommended.

Sirry is gifted yet humble and helps people feel secure. The reading was so specific and detailed about my work that I still can't believe it. It will keep me going for a long time. It was so healing. Sirry talked about things that I never could have imagined. She clearly communicated messages that could only be from my grandmother, after 35 years, and this has helped me move ahead in a whole new way. The knot I've had in my stomach for a long time has disappeared!



Lovely experience

Sirry helped me to feel comfortable. I was able to hear messages from people I love and it was very satisfying.There is nothing to be afraid about. It is very safe.




It's been almost 30 years since my mother has passed. With my session with Sirry, I felt like I really talked to my mom. She talked about things that I haven't discussed with anyone. I am now comforted that my mom has been watching over me and my family.



Do not hesitate

From the moment I sat down I felt comfortable and at ease. Sirry asked me some questions to make sure we were connecting and on the right path. Many of the things she told me made no sense at the time but have started to unfold and make sense. Do not hesitate to see Sirry to bring some light and clarity into your life!




Sirry is absolutely wonderful! I'd never had a session with a medium before so I wasn't really sure what to expect...but I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Sirry has an incredible warmth about her that put me immediately at ease. Her reading was spot on and the information she provided went a long way in healing old wounds. She is tremendously gifted and I would recommend her to anyone without the slightest hesitation. She's just that great!! :)


Patricia P*


Sirry captured the personality and essence of the particular spirit coming through amazingly well. Her work is honest, straightforward, and full of love. If you are searching for a medium for an intuitive or mediumistic reading, look no further, you have found her.


Dana V*


I was so impressed and have been looking for a long time for such a "connection." Rest assured I plan to be a steady client and thank you immensely for the time spent with me.



Very Inspirational




thank you

I am still reflecting on all that I heard through our session. It was just sheer joy to reconnect with my loved one and also an affirmation to this connection as I have been feeling this energy for sometime now. My meeting with Sirry was also one of deep meaning and I ever so grateful to have made this connection. Thank you for your for warmth and grace.



Once again, simply the best!

Sirry is simply the best. I have now had three sessions with her, two "mixed" and one straight "medium," and each one has been genuine, sensitive and loving. We have truly and repeatedly been in contact with my closest loved ones on the other side, confirming the continuum of life and love, and her intuition about things on this side of the veil has provided valuable guidance and wisdom. Don't hesitate to set up an appointment!



Mind Blowing Experience

I am still processing what Sirry did last week that caused a life changing shift in me. She connected with one of the most beloved and respected people in my life and gave me the valuable gift of her continued guidance, advice and love. I never thought I would be able to hear that from her again, and am blessed to have had this opportunity.



The Real Deal

I am going to write a short comment She the real deal She answer all my concern throughly and took her time explain them clearly It was worth the visit I will visit her again and sign for her class in the fall:)




My mediumistic reading with Sirry was amazing. It gave me the peace and closure that has been missing in my life for almost 6 years. I was very anxious about the whole process, but now I think it is one of the best things that I could have done for myself. From the reading, I was able to get some answers from my loved one that I have so longed for. I now know that he is safe, happy and will always be never far from my side.



Absolutely Wonderful!

My experience was accurate, amazing and extremely helpful. She makes you feel comfortable and connected. Sirry answered a lot of my questions and really pointed me in the right direction. I've been to many psychics over the years, and she was spot on and amazing. I would recommend her to everyone.



now a believer!! 

my experience was like no other...my husband who validated a very important piece of my reading was not a believer until he was able to validate my reference...he now is truly a believer. thank you so much sirry



Safe and Sacred

I recently met Sirry and had a very beautiful experience with this lovely and sincere soul. Her space felt so safe and sacred and I left with an overwhelming feeling of peace and gratitude.



Worth your time

I have been to many psychics/mediums since the death of my brother. She is one of the best I have been to. It wasn't scary or sad, the message she sends are beautiful and touching. She has a very calm, caring way about her. Also, she picked up on little details (and big ones) that were extremely accurate. She was wonderful.



Reading on March 28, 2011

Sirry was absolutley fabulous. She validated alot of stuff and some that didn't make sense then, later to discover she was right on track. I love her sincerness and honesty she brings into her reading. I wish we had more of her. She has given alot of clarity to events. I am glad i connected with her and hope to reconnect again soon. Thank you Sirry for what you do. Love and light in all you


Lucy B

Can't wait for another session

It was my very first time of seeing a meduim and I am ecstatic about the whole experience. I am very grateful and will definitely come again. That was a life-changing event. Thank you, Sirry.



The Best!

Sirry outshines the many mediums I’ve been to previously. Instead of pulling in lots of spirits and superficially communicating with them, she linked with two close relatives and delved deep—into complicated scenarios that illustrates she is a master of her art and science. I look forward to a return visit.


Cheryl J.

Very good will be a return client

So much came out and I'm still sorting it out. Time will tell how it all unfolds. Some of it is too soon tell. She did tap into a lot that I could confirm.



Amazing Experience

Amazing is the only way I know how to describe my experience. I went to a mediumistic session and right away she knew things I hadn't told anyone. I was initally nervous to attend and she immediately made me feel at ease. It was a life changing experience and something I wish I had done months ago. I am truly happy I went and feel at peace that I was able to connect with a loved one that passed away.



Very pleasant experience

My first time with psychic turned to be a very pleasant experience.Very fortunate that I met Sirry!!!! I also like that our conversation was recorded.




Awe inspiring. We take so much for granted on our everyday lives, and then we have this kind of experience and realize the magnitude of that which is beyond us yet surrounds us. Sirry is truly gifted, and a beautiful soul. A reading with her is a blessing.


deborah c

oh my gosh

Oh my gosh, it was great. Sirry was on point through out the whole reading. I had an intuitive session also with a visit from my father. It was a delight to receive a message from him. It was as if my father had gone on a long trip and now just getting back, So we talk awhile,My life journey was great also



Very Cool

This was the first time I'd ever been to a medium. I had read other reviews on Sirry and was not disappointed. Very, very specific details that left no doubt to her amazing ability. She was a pleasure to talk with, calming, and very friendly. Definitely recommend!



Warm - Respectful - Gracious - Sensitive - Precise !!

Many, many thanks to Sirry who not only confirmed some of my own "intuitive" feelings, but brought through loved ones in a professional, respectful manner and delivered messages with grace and dignity - along with a little humor from those passed...have had several readings, but hers is very, very sincere and her deliverance is to be commended.... incredibly factual, detailed.... again, many thank to you Sirry..... I will no doubt be visiting again (with the Grace of God in earthly form).....



Highly Recommend

I had my first reading with Sirry recently. She has a warm and gentle and present energy that put me at ease immediately. It is helpful to have someone have a look at your life from a larger context and give you observations. I thought Sirry was excellent. She was quick and accurate in understanding my situation in detailed specifics. Uncanny. She then offered insights that will stay with me and impact me for a long while. Caring and easy to talk to.


dawn m

Highly Impressed

My brother and sister- in-law told me all about their experience with Sirry, so I had to check her out myself. I felt very comfortable the moment I met her. Sirry made contact with at least 5 family members, and my mom (who attended with me) was very happy to hear that her mother has been with her for over 40yrs. Sirry descibed several things going on in our lives that she could not have known about. I can not wait to go see Sirry again!



Fantastic Experience

I would highly recommend Sirry if you are searching for some guidance/reassurance. It was a very healing and informative reading. She seems highly principled and wants you to get the most out your experience. She is warm and approachable. It was a meaningful and happy experience for me. I will return.


Rebecca T


My reading with Sirry was amazing. She was in contact with my mother even before our session began and relayed messages from her that assured me this really was my mother. She also made meaningful contact with my paternal grandmother and our pups, and she laid out issues in my life and current work projects in detail. Sirry is a truly gifted psychic and medium, sensitive, compassionate and accurate, She is a blessing.



A Fascinating Experience

To say that Sirry is amazing is an understatement. Not only does she have an extraordinary gift, she is kind and compassionate. I feel blessed to have gotten a reading from such a loving soul. Many thanks, Sirry!



Sirry is right on the money

My wife and I had a recent reading with Sirry. We found Sirry to be compassionate and accurate beyond belief. Earlier in the day, my wife had been looking at a photo of her recently passed mother. She thought it may not be in a good location. Sirry not only described the location, but she also passed along my mother in-laws dissatisfaction with the photo's location. Sirry described, with great detail and accuracy things no one could have known. It is now a week later and I am still astounded


Stephanie W

Not a reading but a blessing

My session with Sirry was the best experience with a psychic/medium that I have ever had. Sirry gives you more information in one session than most give you in three- and each bit of information is spot on: no vague references, just very accurate and unmistakable information,delivered with compassion and discretion. Ten star rating!!!


Lucie M

A wonderful experience.

Sirry is obviously gifted. The information she imparted was very precise and accurate. Her warm personality is a pleasure to be around. She could read my recent past with uncanny precision and I trust her guidance about my future.


Melinda C

Sirry is Amazing!

I saw Sirry not too long ago and I found her to be a wonderful and caring person, she definitely puts you at ease! Many of the things she spoke about were correct and I have little doubt about her further predictions. I highly recommend this wonderful woman!



Lots of validation

I immediately connected with Sirry when I walked through the door. She is genuine, generous, and just a sweetheart. Sirry began to tell me about some things that came to her prior to our meeting in relation to past relatives. In the session, many areas of validation came about. When she noted that I had a niece that has an uncanny resemblance. True. She saw a book cover with Suzanne Somers on it. When I arrived back home, mail arrived where on the cover of my magazine was Suzanne herself.




Sirry not only is a genuine person, but she is absolutely amazing in her connections with the spirit world. I went to her without saying anything about who I wanted to hear from -within a minute, I knew my mom was there with us when Sirry started talking about the presence in the room. AMAZING. I admit I was skeptical before I met with Sirry but I now believe. Sirry helped me to deal with my loss and understand that my mom is with me always. Thank you Sirry. You are a warm light in the darkness



Sirry's skill is superb

The speed at which Sirry is able to clearly communicate individualized sensory descriptive detail from loved ones is phenomenal to witness. The process is very fluid, comfortable and individualized. I'm grateful for the opportunity to sit with her 1:1. It was a positive life changing experience.

Robert S. June 13th, 2010

I've just finished my third series of classes with Sirry. I've seen her work at a gallery and in class and she is very impressive and warm making you feel at ease. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the first class but I am eternally grateful I did. To be encouraged by someone who is living her authentic life is very inspiring. I have spoken to people who have had readings and they said they were amazed at the amount and detail of the information she was able to bring through about loved ones who have passed on.


~ Theresa , October 2009 ~

When I first met Sirry, I had my Tarot cards read and I had no expectation of what would be said.  Right away she brought in my grandmother and later, my grandfather. She hit exactly on what was happening in my life, with problems with my job, to other issues. She was great.

When she brought my Grandmother in, she told me things that I knew were true but yet I had never met her before. 

She even told me something that I had bought for one of my children for Christmas, two years before. 
I was so impressed with Sirry that I asked to book a medium appointment.
When I went to her last Friday, she actually asked me whom I wanted to hear from. That was perfect. 
Normally you take your chances and hear from sometimes random people.  I wanted to hear from my nephew and not only did I hear from him, but she told me how he died, our last conversation together and things that we were doing now. 
She gave me the assurance that he was there as well as my aunt and my nieces husband.  Some of the things she said, I wasn't sure about but when I called my sister, she confirmed everything that Sirry said about my nephew.  I have to tell you, she brought such joy and comfort to them as well as me.  I couldn't believe how much she knew even when it didn't make sense to hear but it made sense to me. 

What I like best about Sirry was her honesty and appreciation of her gift.  She will only see people who come to her as a medium, in three months because she doesn't want to have people dependant on her and take their money, just to connect with our loved ones.  She is honest, caring, and I will recommend her to anyone, and if you are afraid of the spirits who have passed, know that they are with us, love us, and she can bring us closure.

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