Testimonials II ~ 2016



Dear Sirry, I felt deeply inspired and loved during and after my session with you. After you connected with my deceased friend, I was able to have a wonderful conversation with him and now our beautiful friendship and love continues. I am also, so much clearer on my projects and my path. I know I came here to love people and bring comfort. Thank you for all the confirmation and color you brought to my life.


feel so lucky to have met Sirry and am so grateful that she does what she does! She is warm, honest, compassionate and she feels like a friend you have known for years. Personailty aside, she is incredibly, incredibly gifted. I felt like I was in the middle of a miracle in progress when she brought thru my dad, communicating so many things that only my family would know while capturing his unique personality and goofy sense of humor. I lost my dad a year ago today and I can honestly say that Sirry's miraculous  ability to accurately represent my dad makes me confident that he is with me everyday. It's thanks to Sirry that I now believe there is more than this physical life and for that I am incredibly grateful to her.  





My reading was unreal. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up. Sirry was so accurate and honest. Sirry knew things no one could've known. I can't say enough good things about my reading.

 I am at a loss for words. Sirry turned all my views on their head. She knew and sensed so much intimately true that not even my closest friend would see, without me saying a word. She helped me to gain clarity and see truth. I am speechless and utterly grateful. I wish every single person I knew could have a session with Sirry. She is a spirit of light and all I can say from my deepest heart is that she changed my life and is an angel.









I adore Sirry! I didn't even have to tell her who I was secretly hoping to connect with from the other side. Within the first couple of minutes into our session, she described his characteristics, sense of humor, memories I had with this person, how he passed, etc. She was on the ball with everything that she (or should I say Spirit) was saying. I keep listening to our session (that was recorded and emailed to me that same night) over and over again and I have cried tears of joy every time because it's so overwhelming (in a good way). 

At the time of our reading, there were only  a couple of things she said that I didn't understand, but when I go back and listen to our session on my computer a few weeks later, I have that "Ah-hah! That's what she meant!!" moment. :) 

She was incredibly helpful, spot on and insightful and I didn't feel rushed whatsoever. She was comforting, and she is honestly the only medium I'd go back to for another session (and I've been to a total of four other mediums before I met Sirry). :) Out of all the mediums I've been to, she's number one on my list. 

Sirry is extremely passionate with what she does and this is  clearly her calling, not a money-hungry business (unlike others in this field). I felt that she was an authentic and legitimate. She is the real deal.  She struck me as very genuine, earnest, humble and kindhearted. There was nothing phony or fake about her. Her contribution to this field of the paranormal is one of a kind and we seriously need more people like Sirry. I wish I could clone her if I could!  

I highly recommend her to anyone who is grieving or who may just need some guidance into being pointed in the right direction. Absolutely love her!!! :) ♥