Marisa F.

Boston, MA

I wish there was a six star option.

I'm still reeling from my reading with Sirry. It was mind-blowing. She blows away every psychic or medium I've ever seen, and I cannot wait to listen to our tape again.  I'm so grateful that I heard about her (she doesn't do much advertising-she doesn't have to) because I honestly feel like my life might be altered by what I just experienced. She is just...there are no words. You need to experience it for yourself.

Wow.  I'm writing this review two years after my reading.  

She records the session so that you have a record of it.  Keep the recording.  At the time the reading, her predictions seemed a little off the wall, but I nodded.  Some readings are better than others, I thought maybe she was just a bit off.

She outlined events two years ago that unrolled almost precisely as she said they would very recently. Very specific events were enumerated.  It is absolutely unbelievable.

She is a woman with a remarkable gift.  I strongly recommend her.


Malory M

Somerville, MA


Linda M

PLymouth, MA

Sirry was spot on with the information that she gave me related to my career and current events.  She even gave me the name of a relative who is currently ill and is living outside of the U.S.  Amazing!  I would rate her more than 5 STARS if that was possible. 

Linda M.

It's not so often that you're in the presence of someone so warm hearted. She's great! She helped me find clarity with things she couldn't have possibly known I was dealing with. She helped me with a lot of the questions I have within my own life and more. If you can keep an open mind, and be prepared to except anything, you might be surprised at what you could learn about yourself, and maybe even the world around you.


Gustan J.

Manchester N.H.


Ruth W.

Newton, MA

WOW, what an amazing Lady!
She touched on so many things. She is definitely authentic! Highly recommend her. She is not only gifted but also a wonderful messenger.  She a no-nonsense type of person who does not sugar coat or dramatizes the situation or issue.  She gave me great insides of issues that I was concerned about. She described my father and my children to a "T".  I gave no information yet she was right on target with everything. 
She is one of the best and I will go see her again.

Sirry is the real deal. 

When I went to see her, I was quite skeptical and had low expectations.  I had vowed not to give her any information she could use for a cold-reading.  She recorded our entire session and gave me a copy of the recording; thus I was able to objectively evaluate exactly what I said and what she said. Despite the fact that I did my best to give nothing away, she still managed to connect to exactly the person I was secretly hoping to hear from.  She then relayed the circumstances of this person's death to me, and what they had to say about it.  I was shocked at how accurate she was in describing these very unusual circumstances, which she could not possibly have guessed and which nobody knew about aside from myself and one or two other people.  She also relayed an answer from this deceased person to a question I had been mentally asking  for months, but which I did not mention during the session.  I really believe that she connected with this person and that, through her, I was able to communicate with the deceased.  The things that she conveyed to me went a long way towards helping me find peace about this person's death.    

On a more personal  note, I really liked Sirry and felt that she was an authentic and sincere person.  She struck me as very genuine and earnest, and there was nothing phony about her.  I also think she is very generous of heart.   It's clear that this is a calling for her, not a business. 

I highly recommend Sirry to anybody who is looking for an honest and trustworthy medium


Maria B

Manhattan, N.Y.


Susan P.

Cambridge, MA

She is amazing.  I had a phone reading, so she couldn't use facial cues at all.  She starts by doing a ten minute sort of trial to see if she is "on."  She was.  

She knew names, places and events from my past and present.  She told me things from Spirit meaning those who have passed - ie. "Your mother is telling me..." and more direct psychic things, ie "You are branching out in your business in the new year.  There is a new location for your business in Arlington." Don't know if that is true - but will update!

She is kind and eminates peace.  I was extremely happy I went

I was skeptical going in but Sirry was right on target with so much. It was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful I went. She knew exactly what I needed to hear about, it was crazy how precise she was with the information.


Jessica A. L.

Jamaica Plain, MA


Jared T.

Boston, MA

If you're wondering whether there is an exception to the rule that all psychics are frauds, sign up for a reading with Sirry. While I consider myself a skeptic of all things extra-sensory, I won't deny that she was able to relate to me many personal details that she couldn't otherwise have known. The whole experience was calming, refreshing, interesting, and actually kind of fun. I highly recommend it

Sirry is obviously gifted. The information she imparted was very precise and accurate. Her warm personality is a pleasure to be around. She could read my recent past with uncanny precision and I trust her guidance about my future. A wonderful experience!


Lou S.

Cambridge MA


Theresa C.

Stoughton, MA

Hi, My name is Theresa and I want to write about my experience, with 
Sirry.  First I went to have my Tarot cards read.  She actually first brought in my grandmother that I had never met.  Then later my grandfather.  It was so cool cause I was there for Tarot.  She did a fantastic job telling me about issues I had at work.  She has you ask a question in your head and then pick the cards, she was amazing.  Then when it was over, I asked if I could make an appt for medium.  She said yes but wait for a few weeks.  When I went back to see her as a medium, she was once again amazing.  She doesn't just bring people in, she lets you tell her who you want to hear from.  That made me so happy because I really wanted to hear from my nephew.  She told me details about him that I didn't even know until I called my sister.  She actually knew it was my sisters son, not my brothers.  She even commented on my last conversation with my nephew.  I wasn't afraid, I was elated.  It was great to have the confirmation that my loved one is still around.  She told me something my son had done a few nights earlier.  When I asked him, he couldn't beleive it, he actually got a little afraid, because he really didn't realize that his cousin was watching him.  
There were so many things that Sirry mentioned from when we went to see him at the funeral home, back to the accident, and back to why and how it happened.  All I know is that it changed my sister and brother in laws life.  I feel so much better knowing he is fine and knowing that he trusts me enough to come through.  It was so relaxing and  Sirry was the best. She was caring, sensitive and right on track.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants some guidance, or needs a connection with a loved one